poem by Uri Hertz \collage by Linda Haim

Thanatopsis Hayride

The American matrix is programmed with codes
torn from our history's circular nightmare.

Under cover of patriotism and religious authority,
it directs blindfolded masses to believe
in a medicine show where souls are lost
behind promises of eternal life.

The American deathwish takes on a life of its own
in legends of the dimestore cowboy's revenge.

God, father, president, general, priest,
protect me daddy, punish me with rapture.

The snake oil salesman's smirk
reveals that Bush knows he has gulled
the faithful flock once again.

Looks like four more years of that old jihad
Hang on tight and get ready for a rocky ride.

copyright © Uri Hertz / Third Rail 2004
Homeland Follies
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