Third Rail's Kenneth Rexroth Festschrift went online three years
after his centenary in 2005 with the intention of moving Rexroth studies forward
into the new century. TR's
first Rexroth festschrift appeared in 1987. The editors
feel that a multi-faceted exploration of Rexroth's literary, historical and cultural
significance is called for in order to cut through twenty-five years of cultural
revisionism since his passing and reveal the true meaning of his contribution.
The initial offering in this online celebration of one of the most profoundly
influential American poets of the twentieth century is literary-historical writing
focused on Reevaluating Rexroth, links to which are listed above. More critical
analysis reassessing the impact of Rexroth's life and work will be added.

Kenneth Rexroth

edited by Uri Hertz & John Solt

Reevaluating Rexroth

Adding to our Nature

Doren Robbins

The King is Dead. Long Live the King!

Uri Hertz

With a Tabloid Biographer, Who Needs an Oeuvre?

Eros Until the End

John Solt

Three Sparks in the Tinder of Knowing

Rachelle Lerner