Poem by John Solt
Photographs by Ira Cohen

The Androgynous Ghost
in a Cup
Filled with Ocean

           Kazuo Ohno
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Ohno Kazuo: Pioneer of Avant Garde Dance (Solt)
The Dead Start Running(Ohno) from Third Rail no. 8,

Keiko no kotoba (Workshop Words)

Androgynous Ghost   poem: John Solt
photographs: Ira Cohen

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with enough space to exist
he dances

the earth will never
turn the same again

we are puppets
his movements pull strings
playing with our emotions
as he expresses his

he is a Christian
devoutly dancing Judas
knowing he has to
betray Christ
to be forgiven
and that Christ has to
forgive him to be Christ

someone asks
how he concentrates on stage
"It's simple," he whispers
"I'm surrounded by hundreds
of dead people."