The courage to float is because life and death are lined up
back to back... Within the vast cosmos and all that is
related to it, you are playing hopscotch.
Whilst your dance may not be recognized now, if someone in
1,000 or 10,000 years were to acknowledge it, then it will have
been born. But if your dance is forever unrelated to anyone, it is
Knees. Are you taking care of your knees or not? Are you taking
care of your joints or not? The heart also had joints, it didn’t just
push with rhythm. The heart also had joints. The heart’s rhythm
changes moment by moment
Kazuo OHNO,  Keiko no kotoba
Workshop Words, Tokyo: Film Art, 1997.
The soul becomes ashes. Its breath spills down my body. I also
breathe. My soul spreads out across the vast sky, then becomes
ashes and falls.
photo:  H. Tsukamoto
photo: Naoya Ikegami 1977
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Ohno Kazuo: Pioneer of Avant Garde Dance
John Solt
The Dead Start Running
Kazuo Ohno
(from Third Rail no. 8, 1987)

Keiko no kotoba (Workshop Words)

Androgynous Ghost   poem: John Solt
s: Ira Cohen

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