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Farewell tears for Yamaguchi Kenjiro (1942-July 10, 2005) from John

the man of vibrant colors
has turned black and white

somewhere in his ashes
his laughter
at you, at himself, at death

the graphic designer with his color wheel
has no more breath to spin it

our world darkens
thunder without lightning
food without water

he knew he was doomed
to the grim reaper's scythe
who can outlast the time bomb inside
set to go off in geologic time?

it won't be easy
to face the future
with your smile receding

i'm in L.A.
on a pitch-black
godawful sunny day

only you can turn black and white
back to vivid colors
where are you?
photograph of Kenjiro Yamaguchi by Ira

(photo from Electric Rexroth, 2nd issue, 1994)