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Linda Haim
Bio & Artistic Statement:

Born and raised in Bogota,
Colombia, Linda Haim was
influenced in her art by the
social conditions around
her while growing up. Her
unique fusion of reality and
imagination is rooted in
real maravilloso
, the magical
realism in which many times and
places simultaneously intersect in the
Latin American reality. She studied art
and participated in dramatic
productions at the Universidad de los
Andes in Bogota during the late 60’s
and early 70’s. In 1977 she immigrated
to the USA where her art started
evolving from drawing, painting and
etching into theatrical sculptural
puppet figures, creating a world
reconstructed from the detritus of
memory combined with experiences
and perceptions from her present-
day life in North America. Found
objects, recycled materials, fabrics
and paints are used whimsical ways
to construct her pieces. Social and
political humor form part of Linda’s
art work. Moveable parts add an
expressive element to the figures.

After living in NY for three years,
where she studied fine arts at
Parsons School of Design, Linda
moved to San Francisco.   For seven
years she was awarded California Arts
Council grants to do art workshops
with young children. She had a one-
woman show and participated in many
group exhibits. In 1997 she moved to
LA where she continues to work in
early childhood education and to
develop her artistic work in several
media, most notably assemblage

copyright © Uri Hertz / Third Rail  2004

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