THIRD RAIL No. 9 features a festschrift
for artist Wallace Berman featuring  
essays by Robert Duncan and Jack
Hirschman about Berman and his art,
interviews conducted by editor Uri Hertz
with poet/playwright Michael McClure,
legendary actor Russel Tamblyn and
assemblage artist George Herms, and
reproductions of the artist's unique
sculpture, collage and graphic art.

Also featured in this issue are Kitasono
Katue, dadaist originator of concrete
poetry in Japan, and the poets of
magazine. Other featured include an
interview with Oliver Stone,  Fernando
Alegria  on
The Inhabitants of Wing
Ira Cohen's In and Out of Paris
and London,
Juan Epple's Letter from
and Blaise Cendrars in Latin
by editor Uri Hertz.

After THIRD RAIL No. 9 appeared in
1988, publication of the magazine was
temporarily suspended for a  period that
wound up lasting fifteen years.
Festschrift for Wallace
Wallace Berman's poster for 1966
production of  Michael McClure's
The Beard
front cover of Semina No. 3. featuring
Michael McClure's "Peyote Poem"

                copyright © Third Rail 1988

                ISSN 0741-5968
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(excerpt from interview in issue no.
(excerpt from article in issue
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Uri Hertz
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